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DOI: 10.47026/2413-4864-2021-4-79-90

Guryanova E.A., Rechapova E.E., Sidyakina E.S.

Effectiveness of a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment to Improve the Life Quality of the Elderly and to Ease the Caregivers Burden

Keywords: comprehensive geriatric assessment, quality of life, elderly care, caregiver burden

In the modern world, the number of elderly people with various diseases is growing, they need an appropriate care. Care implementation requires special knowledge, mental and economic expenditures. Ensuring a decent old age for the elderly is one of the problems of modern society. Comprehensive geriatric assessment is a multidimensional interdisciplinary diagnostic process for assessing the physical, psychological, functional and socio-economic problems of elderly people in order to develop a comprehensive individual plan for their treatment and rehabilitation. Comprehensive geriatric assessment benefits the elderly population, but the effectiveness of comprehensive geriatric assessment to improve the life quality of the elderly remains unclear. The article provides an overview of studies devoted to studying the effectiveness of using comprehensive geriatric assessment. The article discusses the influence of a comprehensive geriatric assessment on determining the life quality of the elderly, the duration of their stay in the hospital, and relieving the caregivers' burden. In addition, the influence of a comprehensive geriatric assessment on the ability to determine life expectancy, to conduct early diagnosis of major geriatric syndromes, the risk of morbidity and mortality in elderly patients is being considered. It is important that on the basis of a comprehensive geriatric assessment, appropriate rehabilitation programs can be drawn up, and technologies for rehabilitation can be determined.


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Gurianova Evgenia A.
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; ORCID:
Rechapova Enje E.
5th Year Student of the Medicine Faculty, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; ORCID:
Sidyakina Ekaterina S.
Head of Department, Republican Clinical Hospital, Russia, Cheboksary (; ORCID:

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Guryanova E.A., Rechapova E.E., Sidyakina E.S. Effectiveness of a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment to Improve the Life Quality of the Elderly and to Ease the Caregivers Burden [Electronic resource] // Acta medica Eurasica. – 2021. – №4. P. 79-90. – URL: DOI: 10.47026/2413-4864-2021-4-79-90.