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Razvodovsky Y.E., Golenkov A.V.

Macroeconomic Indicators and Life Expectancy in Russia

Keywords: macroeconomic parameters, life expectancy, Russia

The purpose of this study was to study the relationship between macroeconomic indicators and life expectancy in Russia in the post-Soviet period. Spearman's correlation analysis using data from 1990 to 2018 revealed a statistically significant positive relationship between gross domestic product (GDP)/gross national income (GNI) and life expectancy for men and women. It is shown that the strength and nature of the relationship between macroeconomic indices and life expectancy in Russia can change over different periods of time. It is established that the state of macroeconomics was an important determinant of life expectancy in Russia in the period from 2006 to 2018. Inequality in income distribution may have been the factor that modifies the relationship between income and public health.


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Razvodovsky Yury E.
Head of the Department of Problems of Metabolism Regulation, Institute of Biochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences Republic of Belarus, Belarus, Grodno (
Golenkov Andrey V.
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of Department of Psychiatry, Medical Psychology and Neurology, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (

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