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Orlov F., Golenkov A., Chernyshov V.

Headache in students: prevalence, structure, provocative factors

Keywords: headache, prevalence, provoking factors, medical students

The aim of the research is to study the prevalence and structure of headache (HA) in medical students and identify its provoking factors. A total of 420 medical students of the II – V years of study (316 girls and 104 young males) of the Chuvash State University were interviewed. A questionnaire was used to study HA, which took into account the characteristics of HA and its provoking factors. Mathematical-statistical processing was carried out using descriptive statistics and 2-test. HA was detected in 88,1% of students, in girls it was revealed significantly more often than in young men; with a frequency of less than once a month (46,4%), of a pressing nature (36,5%), of moderate intensity (61,1%), up to 12 hours of duration (91,1%), localized in the temporal region of the head (45,4%). The frequency of HA was associated with a past history of a mild degree brain concussion. HA interfered with healthy sleep in students, shortening it and causing them to wake up. They had a pronounced HA of pressing character with dizziness, nausea, palpitations and head noises. A high HA prevalence among students is revealed. HA is associated with psychoemotional and gender factors as well as with sleep disorders and past craniocerebral injury.


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Chernyshov Vitaly V.
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology named after G.M. Vorontsova, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; )
Golenkov Andrey V.
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Psychiatry, Medical Psychology and Neurology, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; ORCID:
Orlov Fedor V.
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Docent of Psychiatry, Medical Psychology and Neurology, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; )

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Orlov F., Golenkov A., Chernyshov V. Headache in students: prevalence, structure, provocative factors [Electronic resource] // Acta medica Eurasica. – 2018. – №2. P. 27-34. – URL: